Support Life & The Fight for the Unborn Children of God

612 Calling Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization which supports the Value of life and the “Unborn Children” all across America. Our main objective is to spread the message of the Value of life. We will accomplish this through prayers and education as we diligently walk the grounds of the Capitol buildings in each state. Additionally, we will help families effected, which have greatly impacted our entire country.
In many ways, our organization is also quite unique.  We reciprocate the generosity of our supporters by thanking them with gifts and rewards that amount to MORE than they’re giving.
You can now feel even greater about donating to an amazing cause. You can trust you’re making a positive impact here! 
We are truly appreciative and with your prayers we can make a statement that will resonate throughout the country. 
Thank You For Your Support And Enjoy The Benefits!

God Bless!

Ways to Donate & Support

612 Calling Inc.

Thanking donors for their contributions!

These special gifts are compliments for your generous donations.

  • Custom Artwork – Donated to our cause from the heart of the artist
  • Hotel Getaways
  • Caribbean Cruises for 2
  • or Certificates
  • Large Format Printing to Include Banners, Prints and Flags

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Thank You For Your Support

God Bless!

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