About 612 Calling Inc.

612 Calling’s mission is to travel throughout the United States to each state capital, spreading the Value of life. We are dedicated to give women a choice of life.

Through our worldwide network we have connected with a program that allows women and children to make life-changing choices. The Hagee Ministry Sanctuary of Hope! It’s just one of the many programs we have connected with. We will continue to explore the options and the programs available to give women a choice! Life.

As we contemplate the definition of “life,” the artist, Linda Bickston, can truly testify to what having children as part of your life is. Through her drawings she deals with her grief and loss of not one daughter but two. Life is precious and a blessing to all. Whether by natural birth or the choice to adopt, children are the extension of love and when taken from you when not expected, you are left with a void in your heart that only God can fulfill. Thank you for your support.

Every step I take is a step for life!

The 612 Calling Inc. Board:

Founder/ Program Secretary & Director
E-mail: info@612calling.org

Assistant Program Manager
E-mail: 612Calling@gmail.com

Assistant Secretary (Available)

Data Coordinator (Available)

Public Affairs Officer (Available)

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