About 612 Calling Inc.

The Mission of 612 Calling is to travel to every United States capital while helping to educate and make our country aware of the importance and significance of “life”.  We will help through prayer for the unborn as well as our government, which was founded on these principals.

Through our various networks we have connected with programs that allows women and children to make life-changing choices. One such program is the Hagee Ministry Sanctuary of Hope.  It offers those in need a place to live that is safe and secure.  Women will have the ability to make the decision to either keep their child or adopt them into a loving home.  Such decisions will have a profound affect on their future. Through love, education and guidance, women will have the option to choose “life” without judgement or condemnation.  Choosing “life” is not only a gift from God but allows women to know they can help to save the children who have no voice to cry out or speak.

The artist, Linda Bickston, can truly testify to what having children in your life means.  Through her drawings she helps deal with her grief and loss of not one daughter but two. Her support for 612 Calling is her way of helping us all to understand that life is precious and a blessing and should not be taken for granted but appreciated by all.

Every Step I Take Is A Step For Life

The 612 Calling Inc. Board:

Founder/ Program Secretary & Director
E-mail: info@612calling.org

Assistant Program Manager
E-mail: 612Calling@gmail.com

Assistant Secretary (Available)

Data Coordinator (Available)

Public Affairs Officer (Available)

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