Artwork by Linda Bickston

In loving memory of my daughters Jamie, 2002, and Alyssa, 2019.

My ambition with my art is to reflect my deep love for Jesus Christ. He directs my pencil with each portrait that I draw.


I didn’t begin my career until later in life. I had no idea that I would be traveling down this road, but my Lord had other plans for me. In 2002, my eldest daughter, Jamie, passed away suddenly, and unexpectedly. She was only 24 years old. This left me with such deep sorrow that I was lost. God stepped in and gave me an outlet for my grief. He has allowed me to draw. I began to see visions of dark and light patterns. I started drawing by using just a graphite pencil and continue to this day using only this medium.


I didn’t know yet that God was beginning to prepare me for His purpose. As I continued to draw and honor the Lord, I was once again left with the loss of my other daughter, Alyssa, in 2019. Nothing can prepare you for this but through the Lord, prayer and support of others, I once again use my drawings to help fill the ache and hole in my heart.


If I can bless one person with His love, then I am fulfilled.





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